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Delta de Tigre > Tigre Museums

You find out the Nation Navy Museum and the Art Museum of Tigre.

The Navy Museum has a broad collection of scale warships and boats, different objects, uniforms and all about the sea

The Art Museum is located in a magnificent palace from our glamorous past. Your will see a singular collection of argentinian and international artists.

Museum House of Domingo F. Sarmiento - National Historical Monument (on the Sarmiento river and the Reyes Stream) It works in a small construction of wood raised in 1853 by Sarmiento. The house is protected externally with glass walls.

  Museo de Arte Tigre

Tigre Museum


  Museo Naval de la Nacion


  Mate museum

Lavalle 289
a metros de la estación de Tigre TBA.
(011) 4506-9594

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