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The Tigre Delta is the delta of the Paraná River, is located a few kms from the Capital, on a characteristic residential and tourist area of the Gran Buenos Aires.

It is one of the few turistics Deltas in the world and chosen destination for many people in the weekends. The Delta has an area of about 14,000 km² and starts to form between the cities of Santa Fe and Rosario, where the river splits into several arms, creating a network of islands and wetlands.

It is conventionally divided into three parts:
the Upper Delta, from the Diamante – Puerto Gaboto line to Villa Constitución;
the Middle Delta, from Villa Constitución to the Ibicuy Islands;
the Lower Delta, from the Ibicuy Islands to the mouth of the river.

The total length of the delta is about 320 km, and its width varies between 18 and 60 km.

The Lower Delta was the site of the first modern settlements in the Paraná-Plata basin and is today densely populated, being the agricultural and industrial core of Argentina and host to several major ports.

From the city of Buenos Aires to Tigre, are located the most importants districts: San Fernando, San Isidro and Vicente López. Due to be located nearby Buenos Aires many people lives there and tourists pay short visits. San Fernando is the national capital of Nautical (Argentina has 44 world champions of yachting - click) ; San Isidro, national capital of Rugby with important clubs famous worldwide.

Delta del Tigre Map - Google maps

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Victorica street (photo)

River ship (photo)

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